DANCE NOW Boston, now in its sixth season, is an annual platform for Boston choreographers to create work for cabaret spaces, in this case the transformed Studio 7 at Dance Complex in Cambridge's Central Square. DANCE NOW Boston artists perform alongside colleagues from New York who have been commissioned by DANCE NOW. This is the first step in creating a national touring circuit for a new genre of adventurous performance created specifically for cabaret settings.

Performers have included Lorraine Chapman, Peter DiMuro, Cathy Young, Courtney Peix, Kelli Edwards and Nicole Pierce, David Parker's "Head Over Heels" and "ShowDown" (both DANCE NOW commissions), Chavi Bansal, Alex Davis and Michael Figueroa, Bill Evans, Paula Josa Jones, Riley Watts, and LMnO3 from New York.  

Save The Date!

DANCE NOW Boston 2019
May 2-5 @ the Dance Complex (Studio 7).
Hosted by Michael Figueroa

Hosted by Michael Figueroa and featuring:

Joy Davis
Danielle Davidson with Orlando Hernandez
Ian Berg Subject Matter

More coming soon!