20 Years of Press Dancenow

“The Coziest, Coolest Way to Start the Fall Season”
- Wendy Perron, 2014

“It is a Beautiful Thing”  
- ExploreDance.com, 2014

“Winning Hearts, Shooting the Moon”
- OffOffOff.com,  2014

“Far from traditional, these pieces took the audience out of their comfort zones, and blindly dropped them off at the corner of racy and liberal” 
- Broadway World, 2014

“Half the fun…  is going in blind and Walking out with a new artistic crush. 
- The New York Times, 2006

“Always Stellar“
- New York Magazine, 2005

“Only Getting Better with Age" 
- 2004, OffOffOff.com

"“Simply Put, A Blast” 
- The New York Sun, 2003

“Fast, Furious and Funny”
- The New York Times, 1999

“DANCENOW proves that introducing limitations can spark a wide range of creativity.”
- The Dance Enthusiast, 2014

“There is bound to be something delightful,  something dark, something borrowed  and something blue.”
- Wendy Perron Blog, 2014

“Fun in the Dark - DANCENOW at Joe's Pub keeps punching its lines”
-OffOffOff.com, 2013

“[Short] is DANCENOW’s winning formula. I’ve rarely been bored at Joe’s Pub. “  
-Wendy Perron in Dance Magazine, 2012

“A Peripatetic Adventure”
- The Voice, 2002

“The Traditional Opener of the Dance Season”
- New York Times, 2001

“An Inspired Evening, Representative of an Inspired Festival”
- The Dance Insider, 2000

“DANCENOW at Joe's Pub Heals the Soul”
- OffOffOff.com, 2011

“Little Bits of Gold Mined from a Field of Plenty”
-The Dance Insider, 2010

“Speed-Dating for Dancegoers”
- Dance View Times, 2009

“An Annual Triumph of Vision Over Common Sense”
- The New York Times, 2008

“A Message of Inclusiveness”
- Voice, 2007

“One of the Liveliest of Downtown Festivals”
- The New York Times, 1998

“Most of the Artists are Not Yet Household Names, But Will Be”
- Dance Magazine, 1997

“A Model of Imaginative, Knowledgeable and Sleek Production”
- The New York Times, 1996


“Nick Leichter and Monstah Black brought it Home – as in there’s no place like it – in DanceNOW’s most recent full-length modern dance musical, The Whiz.” 
 -Culture Blog

“When the piece ends, with a group reprise of There’s No Business Like Show Business, it’s over too soon.  And then it isn’t.  Mr. Parker appears and, with Jeffrey Kazin, offers a “bonus track”— a marvelous rendition of Old-Fashioned Wedding, complete with tap routine. Then you really don’t want it to be over.  And it is.”
 -The New York Times

"Establishes a level of playful informality that implies the work will tend towards levity and brevity, and thereby perhaps not profundity or deep investment. This is the series’ strength, though.  Dancemopolitan is where one can take a dance novitiate, where work is accessible without being dumbed down." 
-Maura Donahue, The Dance Insider

"What finer message for a happy crowd to take out onto the Christmas ready streets than one of diversity and freedom cohabiting with group harmony?" 
-Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

"DANCENOW [NYC] aims to cultivate a more diverse audience than dance usually draws, in part by using unusual venues. During the shows at Joe’s Pub you can Get a cosmo with your Choreography"
-Alicia Zuckerman, New York Magazine

"Perfectly timed .... and perfectly located in Joe’s Pub"
-Elizabeth Zimmer, The Voice 

“Every year, the extraordinary talent presented at DanceNow NYC's festival reminds us of this fact, short and sweet.”
-Broadway World

 “Far from traditional, these pieces took the audience out of their comfort zones, and blindly dropped them off at the corner of racy and liberal …. Pure technique and strength were consistently displayed, physical storytelling was painfully relative, stereotypes were continuously challenged   …. What else could you ask for?” 
-Broadway World

“It’s great that the presenter, DanceNOW (in partnership with Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater) mixed the generations for their Dancemopolitan series.”
-Dance Magazine

"Finding ways to breach the "closed system" of the Downtown dance community has been a specialty of DanceNOW [NYC] since its founding in 1995.  "Dance Mojito," the sparkling and most recent installment of Dancemopolitan presented this past weekend at Joe's Pub demonstrates just how successful its strategies are. "  
-Elizabeth Zimmer, Gay City News

"Doug Elkins’ Fräulein Maria could easily become a holiday ritual for hipsters of all ages."  
-The New York Times

"Life is a Cabaret ... This is the greatest development" 
-Dance Magazine

"The events at Joe's Pub have proven to be an excellent showcase for dance as intimate or cabaret entertainment and will spawn an ongoing series of evenings.  There is definitely something about a space like Joe's Pub that lends itself equally to ethereal, transcendent, quiet beauty and raucous, irreverent, broadstroked insanity, usually comic." 
-Quinn Batson, OffOffOff.com

“The coziest, coolest way to start the fall season … there is bound to be something delightful, something dark, something borrowed and something blue” ­­­
­ -Wendy Perron Blog

“The much-loved annual DanceNow Festival at Joe's Pub challenges New York’s choreographers to release their inner adventurer and innovatively confront time and space … DanceNow proves that introducing limitations can spark a wide range of creativity.”
-Dance Enthusiast