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Joe’s Pub at The Public

September 4, 5, 6, 7, 2O24


Following a ‘better than ever’ successful returned to live presentation in the fall of 2023, after an almost four year hiatus, we return to the pub, serving as an incubator to support the development of new work. The DN mission is to bring innovative and inspirational dance to the long-time dance fans that we have generated over the past two plus decades, and to the new and non-traditional dance audiences that frequent NYC’s hottest tiny stage. We will continue to present in our traditional festival-like format of placing young, established and mature voices side by side to offer 5 minute or less works, as DANCENOW / NOW. Our 2024 presentation will feature a presentation of all new works, commissioned from 24 artists, offering a four-day run of two different programs of twelve artists each night. The series will be hosted by Deborah Lohse as TruDEE.

Program Details Here

Sketch by Joan Chiverton

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