©2019 DANCE NOW NYC. Photos by Yi-Chun Wu.

Celebrating 25 Years in 2O2O!

Our Vision: Sparking Creativity Through Limitation


We create inclusive, destination events that bustle with innovation and the boundless imaginations of a community of multi-generational dance artists. Embracing limitation as a catalyst for creativity, we kick off our third decade of producing dance with our ringing mantra of ‘less is more.’ From New York City to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania we are generating new and enthusiastic audiences for dance. We seek out the new and the nontraditional as a means to challenge, sustain and move the careers of today’s dance innovators forward.

Our History

Created as a pilot program of the Downtown Arts Festival in 1995, DANCE NOW quickly launched as an independent festival in 1996. During our first decade we built vital partnerships, presenting dance in venues, traditional and not, designing inclusive destination events for drained swimming pools, firehouses, galleries, and Joe's Pub, where in 2003, we introduced Dance-mopolitan. With a mantra of ‘less is more’ we encouraged work marked by brevity and clarity and in 2005 created the DANCE NOW ‘challenge initiative’ - inspiring the creation of more than a dozen full evening works for the specifics and intimacy of the pub and a home base for DANCE NOW on NYC’s hottest tiny stage – Joe’s Pub. 

Evolving from a showcase festival series, more than two decades ago, to five distinct programs from New York City to Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania to Boston, Massachusetts, DANCE NOW serves a diverse and full spectrum of dance makers at varying stages of development, presenting young innovators, along side of emerging and maturing artists, building relationships with our artist base and offering comprehensive assistance to support the creative process and new career opportunities.