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DANCE NOW remains committed to sparking creativity for and with dance-makers in New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. DN brings together communities and collaborations, pursuing presentations of dance in non-traditional spaces, all while providing support to bring artists’ visions to life on and off stage. DN offers a network of performance, creative development, and teaching opportunities, as well as development and administrative support, which serves a diverse roster of multi-generational dance-makers.


For over twenty five years, DN has sought out new voices while supporting and promoting our existing relationships with hundreds of artists. DN remains committed to supporting unique artistic visions, focusing specifically on amplifying BIPOC artists and audiences, with the goal of becoming a not-for-profit arts organization that mirrors the diversity of the dance community. DN continues to prioritize accessibility for its audiences via captioning, interpretation, and fully accessible performance spaces.

DN Celebrates Over 25 Years


Over the years, the DN Festival has presented dance in more than 25 traditional and unconventional venues throughout NYC, and is recognized by the dance community as “the coziest, coolest way to start the fall season” (Wendy Perron, Dance Magazine).


DANCE NOW NYC is created as a program of the Soho Multi Arts Festival.

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DN launches independently.


DN creates the Dance-mopolitan Festival series, using the intimate setting of Joe’s Pub to inspire creativity and to give audiences a unique cultural experience.

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The Dance-mopolitan series is expanded to challenge today’s dance innovators to create new, full-evening works for Joe’s Pub.

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DN celebrates 25 years of presenting 1000+ NYC artists in our annual signature series, the DN Festival.

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