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Accommodations While at Silo

The Guest House comfortably accommodates up to 8 adult guests (no children or pets), while maintaining the peaceful environment of the farm. The guest house and studio accommodations offer our guests a unique haven and quiet retreat from city life. Please check out all the details below.

The Guest House at Kirkland Farm is a three-story house filled with antiques and memorabilia. The outdoor deck with grill overlooks the orchard, corn fields and horse pasture. The gorgeous lap pool is open April through November. 

Guest House Accommodations

Main Level on the Second Floor


Large Bedroom with a four post king size bed overlooks the orchard and corn fields


Smaller Bedroom with 2 futon beds overlooks the orchard, corn fields and horse pasture


Living Room with couch, working wood stove, Flat Screen TV with Direct TV service, 

providing more than 100 channels, high speed wireless internet  overlooking the bank barn and horse pasture


Double Bathroom with double sink and private toilet, shower and tub room fully equipped with towels


Fully Equipped Eat-In Kitchen with large refrigerator, four burner stove-top, oven,

‘New’ Keurig coffee maker, waffle maker, microwave, dishwasher  and all necessary cooking and dining needs


Out-Door Deck

with a propane grill, as well as seating with an umbrella for the warm weather months

overlooks the orchard, corn fields and horse pasture



Upper Level on the Third Floor


Small Storage Room with shelves and hanging space to store belongings


Large Open Loft with double arched windows that overlook the clean stream and cow pastures can easily be adapted for additional sleeping accommodations as needed 

currently has 2 futon beds and a single bed


Big Bathroom with double sinks, toilet, shower & jacuzzi overlooks the farm


Smaller Apartment area is connected to the loft and has a bedroom with two futon beds,

a bathroom with sink, toilet and shower, additional futon bed outside the kitchen area 


Wireless Internet capabilities.



Lower Level with washer and dryer is available for use by all residents and guests  an additional bathroom offers easy access from the studios.



The Silo Studios


The Chapel Studio is adjacent to the Bank Barn and is approximately 40feet by 50feet with barn wood floor and mirrors. There is a ballet barre set into the ceiling-to-floor windows that overlooks the milking barn and pond behind the main house. The chapel studio is great for warm-up in the morning. Two wooden pillars divide the space making it best for small rehearsal projects and the wellness classes that are held there. The studio is equipped with a sound system, yoga mats, blocks, blankets and hand weights. The chapel studio is available to all guest artist residents, except for Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm, when there is a private pilates flow class taught by Robin Staff.


The Horse Barn Studio is located above the horse barn and is 40feet by 70feet with a five panel marley floor. No tap, flamenco or heeled shoes are allowed in the studio. The studio is equipped with an IPOD friendly sound system and a forced-air heat and air-conditioning system. There are no mirrors. The studio with its simple white walls and four panel windows offer a perfect setting for creating, workshops and intimate performances. 



The Studios

The Heat and AC in the Chapel Studio should be on only when the studio is in use. Please maintain the heat at 60 degrees or below and the AC at 60--65 degrees. In the Horse Barn studio the heat should not exceed 60 degrees. Use of the space heaters will help to keep the studio warm without causing the marley to ripple.  Please UNPLUG the space heaters when you are not in the studio. During the cold weather months please leave the heat at 55 degrees at the end of the day. The AC in the Horse Barn studio should be maintained at 60-65 degrees as needed and should be left on overnight if outside temperature is above 80 degrees. Tap, flamenco, heeled or any other shoes that would mark the marley and wood dance floors are not allowed in the studios. 


The Guest House


Heat and AC Control 

Please respect the high price of fuel and energy and maintain the thermostat at 60 degrees for heat or below, and 65 degrees for AC. In the cold weather months, when you leave the residency please turn the heat in The Guest House to 55 degrees.  Let the fresh air in and open the windows in the warm weather months and use the AC only as needed.  Please turn the AC off when not in the house. 



Driving by Car is the by far the best way to come to the farm as you will want to be free to move around the bustling area as you wish.  Transbridge comes directly to Hellertown (THE EXPRESS) and usually takes less than an hour and a half. Check for the schedule from Port Authority. Cost: $56 round-trip. If you take the bus, you will have to arrange for car service to and from the farm and for all other needs while in residence. Lehigh Valley Car Service ( 610.867.6000 ) or Uber can provide these services. Tell them you are coming or going to Kirkland Farm in Springtown, off of Route 412 and before 212 heads to Quakertown.  Ask for the fee on the phone as it should be between $25 and $30.  PLEASE REMIND THEM TO ENTER VIA THE SERVICE DRIVE AND GO SLOWLY AS WE HAVE SEVERAL VERY SMALL DOGS.


Arrival Time

We ask that you arrive between 12Noon and 5pm if you have not yet been in residence at Silo.  It is very difficult to find the farm at night, in the dark, so you must arrive before the sunsets. Please email with your arrival time at least one week in advance so that we can make plans to be here to show you around and get you set up.


Groceries and Supplies

Please bring groceries with you and/or plan to go  to the grocery store (open 24/7) when you arrive.


Use and Replace System

You are welcome to use what you find in Silo’s pantry, refrigerator and closets. We ask that you please replace basic items (coffee, tea, olive oil, tin foil, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, basic cooking supplies, etc) or leave grocery money and a list for the next artist or guest.  We ask that you please do not leave any opened food in the refrigerator or pantry when you leave, please be prepared to bring or shop for your needs and special likes.


Linens and Towels

Please find the linens in the linen closet or at the end of each bed. As certain linens are SPECIFIC to each room, please return them to where you found them. Extra pillows and blankets are in the linen closet as well as on the third floor. Bright colored towels are in the cabinets in the bathroom on the second floor.  Black and white towels are in the closet in the third floor bathroom. PLEASE WASH all the linens, COTTON BLANKETS, bath mats and towels and return them to where you found them, neatly folded (not tossed into) for the next group of residents. Please put your clean stripped pillow cases back on the pillows on the bed with your clean bed covers. Please bring beach towels for use at the pool during the warm weather months. 


Clean Up


Please leave plenty of time to clean up before you leave. We cannot continue to gift the use of the guest house and studios unless you assist us in leaving the Guest House and Studios as you found them upon your arrival. It is your responsibility to leave the house and studios just the way you found them upon your arrival. Silo is a community effort. We thank you in advance for your help in making Silo welcoming for other guests and artists. All guests should read the guidelines and cleanup list that we have put together to assist our friends and family who come to stay at Kirkland Farm. Please use the Clean-Up Check List. 



Please use the washer and dryer on the lower level to wash and dry all linens used before you leave and return them to where they were stored when you arrived. Please put your clean pillowcases back on the pillows. Flat sheets, fitted sheets and blankets should be folded neatly and returned to where you found them in each room or in the main linen closets. If you do not want to spend time doing laundry there is a great Wash and Fold in Hellertown (next to Saylor’s) where you can drop off and pick-up. Please do not leave the dryer on when you are not in the house.  Clean out the lint vent when you are using and done with the dryer.



The Guest House is a renovated Carriage House, that was originally the Mill on the farm in 1789 and has limited power capabilities on the third floor APT level. Please do not plug all the appliances in at once, particularly in the upper level apartment as you will blow all the fuses. If you do blow a fuse, the fuse box is in the garage. 


Unplugging Appliances

In an effort to reduce use of energy and maintain a safe environment, we unplug as many appliances as possible. Make sure that when you leave the residency you unplug all small appliances you may have been using, like the toaster, waffle maker, etc. 


Noise Control

Please respect the peace and quiet at the farm. Please remember that Silo is a haven and retreat from the noisy city for all who come here. Take your party and dance energy to the studio or the outdoors where it will not infringe on others. 



If you must, please smoke outside of the residency and the studios using an ash-try as the grounds can get very dry. There is absolutely no smoking in the Guest House and Studios. 



Please use with care and only in glass containers and make sure they are out when you leave or go to sleep.


Windows and Doors

Please close all windows when you leave and make sure the doors are all shut tightly.  You do not need to lock the doors here at the farm. In the warm weather months please check the windows for bees and wasps that may be stuck between the storms and window, before you open them. We have a great pest control company that takes care of the farm, so this is just a better system to be safe while in the country. 


Groceries, Eating and Ordering Out


Bechdolt’s Orchard

On Route 412 and three minutes from the farm, within walking distance for the very basic 

supplies and great seasonal apples, pears, peaches and berries. 


The Gaint 

On Route 412 in Hellertown in the mini-mall and open 24/7. It is huge, clean and very progressive. We love it!



In Allentown and Bethlehem and is a real experience and super fun. 


Fresh Market

Like the old Balducci’s in NYC.  It is located in the new Promenade Shops Mall (Ask for Directions) 

next to a great Wine and Spirits store. 


DiMiao’s  Italian 

In the Springhill Mall in Hellertown. You can call [610.838.8004] and order ahead for take out 

or go there for a local experience. Open 7 days.


The Springtown Inn

Go out of the farm and make a right, then your first left on to the short access road and another left on to Route 212. Take this down the hill and around the corner through Springtown. You will see the Inn on the right side, just past the main town that consists of the Post Office, Carol Dorey Real Estate and a Car Repair shop.  A great bar and cheap pub food with lots of PA atmosphere.  We prefer eating in the pub. 


Phone Service

You will find numbers for the Guest House, Main House and all your other needs in The Guest House. Cell phone service is getting better every day based on your provider. 



Network: U2YJ9




Please respect them, they are very friendly as they have guests visiting all the time. Do not over-feed them, but they like carrots, good and plenty, apples and of course, sugar.


Walking the Property

There are lots of trails to explore. When you arrive we will tell you where to go.


The Pond

Area is off limits as this is part of the Main House Area and maintains our privacy.


Main House Area

Our home and general area is off limits, especially on the weekends.

Please respect our privacy. We are here to welcome and assist you as needed. 

Please email if you need help with anything.


Our Dogs and Yours

We currently have a 3 year-old Golden, Alexander Hamilton and four Anguillian rescues -Toto, Frangipani, Coconut and Lemon. They are super friendly, always excited to have guests and run freely at the farm – day and night.  Do not let them follow you if you are walking towards the front entrance to the farm and road – but they can walk with you around the property. If you are afraid of dogs, Silo is not the place for you.  We ask that you please drive around the farm slowly and enter and exit the farm via the service entrance because the dogs are often outside the main house. While we are total animal lovers we can not allow any additional pets on the property or in the Guest House and studios, where we maintain an allergy-free environment for all the guests that frequent Silo. 


The Pool

You are welcome to respectively use during the week,  during the day if we are not using it

On the weekend, pool use is by invitation as we often just need some down time to ourselves. 


Outdoor Pool Hot Tub Not for Guest Use







Crediting Your Stay at Kirkland Farm

Your stay and/or work created at Silo should be credited as follows

Made possible by DANCENOW Silo

 Please do Not Credit Robin & Marty Staff 



Guest House Cleanup

Silo is a community and we thank you in advance for your help in making Silo a welcoming facility for all its artists and guests.  Please leave plenty of time to return The Guest House and Studios exactly the way you found them when you arrive, welcoming the next group of guests and artists to Kirkland Farm by leaving them with a home that is clean, welcoming and ready for their use. Any special treats or thoughts you may like to pass on is always appreciated. Please understand that we would not be able to gift you use of the guest house and studios without your help and respect for the farm. Cleanup is very important and we thank you for your assistance. 


All Bathrooms

Clean the mirrors (with Windex only), tub, showers, sinks,  VACUUM (in the supply closet) THE FLOORS, wash the bath mats, clean the toilets, wash and replace the towels by color


The Kitchen

Clean all the appliances you have used including inside the oven   and replace tin-foil as needed, stove-top, frig, coffee-pot, toasters, etc.



Please wipe down the shelves, discard or take home all open/perishable food



Please empty it out and return dishes to cabinets



Please clean all bed linens and leave linens neatly folded where you found them in each room or in the linen closet.  Return Stripped pillowcases to pillows on the bed



Place well tied up garbage bags in the lower level of the Milking Barn 

that you can access thru the first/top half door 

under carport in front of the main house.


Floors and Carpet

Please VACUUM, SWEEP AND MOP AS NEEDED.  Floors can be mopped with warm water.


The Studios

Please make sure you have left the studios clean, including the floors, and the heat and lights off.


TV Maintenance

Please do not change the channel that the TV is set to and do not change or re-wire any of the wires as it will Affect your service.  Do not turn the power off on the Direct TV box. If you need assistance, please ask us.



Please note that if the residence is not left as designated in these guidelines,  you will be asked to cover the cost to return  it to how you found it upon your arrival. 

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