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A Virtual Tour Through our Past, Present and Future 





Traditionally held each year immediately after Labor Day, the DANCE NOW Festival is known as the kick-off to the dance season in NYC. This season, in lieu of the live festival at Joe’s Pub, DN is creating an alternative virtual space to celebrate its artists and this landmark anniversary.

The DANCE NOW STORY is a reimagined festival, launching in September 2020 and running through May 2021. The series includes new digital commissions and archival works, revelations about artists’ creative processes, and interactive artist-to-audience celebrations.

"COVID-19 has shifted our programming, but not our vision. As we move into the next decade, we will continue to embrace the untraditional, the untried, and the unknown to expand resources for artists and make dance accessible to all.” 

- Robin Staff, Executive Director




Each monthly chapter will bring new, emerging, and longtime veterans of the festival together to honor DANCE NOW’s past, embrace the present, and explore future possibilities for our community.

September Chapter
Release: Thursday, September 10, at 12pm

Commissioned works by Ayodele Casel, Mike Esperanza, and LMnO3 and archival works by Tricia Brouk and HUMA. Hosted by Raja Feather Kelly, the Audience Celebration on Thursday, September 24, at 7pm, will honor Gus Solomons jr.

October Chapter
Release: Thursday, October 8, at 12pm


Commissioned works by Jamal Jackson, Katy Pyle, and Nicole Wolcott and archival works by Katherine Helen Fisher and Wanjiru Kamuyu. Hosted by Christal Brown, the Audience Celebration on Thursday, October 22, at 7pm, will honor Robert Battle.

November Chapter
Release: Thursday, November 12, at 12pm


Commissioned works by Orlando Hernandez, Mariana Valencia, and Nicole Vaughan-Diaz and archival works by Raja Feather Kelly and TAKE Dance. Hosted by Sara Juli, the Audience Celebration on Thursday, December 3, at 7pm, will honor Jane Comfort.

February Chapter
Release: Thursday, February 11, at 12pm


Commissioned works by Kate Landenheim, Alice Sheppard, Subject: Matter, and Maleek Washington and archival works by Adam Barruch and Mark Gindick. Hosted by Deborah Lohse (aka TruDee), the Audience Celebration on Thursday, February 25, at 7pm, will honor Claire Porter.

March Chapter
Release: Thursday, March 11, at 12pm


Commissioned works by Tsiambwom M. Akuchu, Brendan Drake, and Jasmine Hearne and archival works by John Heginbotham and Megan Williams. Hosted by Germaul Barnes, the Audience Celebration on Thursday, March 25, at 7pm, will honor Satoshi Haga.

May Chapter
Release: Thursday, May 6, at 12pm


Commissioned works by Sarah Chien, Kayla Farrish, and Joshua L. Peugh and archival works by Ruben Graciana and Paula Josa-Jones. Hosted by Larry Keigwin and Nicole Wolcott, the Audience Celebration on Thursday, May 20, will honor David Parker/The Bang Group.

The virtual series will also include an interactive timeline featuring photos, interviews, and additional facets of the DANCE NOW STORY. Closed captioning, audio description, and ASL will be available. 

More info at in August 2020

Dendy Donovan's NYNY@Astor Place by Yi-C
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