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Open Office Hours

**DN Staff is taking the summer off - please check back in with us after Labor Day to schedule a meeting.**

The DANCE NOW Team holds virtual "open office hours" for artists every week, free of charge. These “open office hours” serve as a supportive environment for artists who often lack the administrative support to fulfill their vision. ​Here are some things that DN can discuss and assist with... 



How you are doing during COVID-19? 


We want to connect with artists and see how they are holding up during the pandemic. Hearing from you will help DN support artists in the best way possible during these unusual times. 



Assist with organizational and administrative tasks. 


Since starting these consulting hours, DN has helped artists write grants, update resumes, develop language for a new project, launch crowdfunding campaigns, find new income streams, draft budgets, and transition in-person processes into online formats. In 45 minutes, the artist works with DN to create a plan to tackle any number of these projects, and schedules check-ins to make sure they are staying on-track. 



Discuss our programming plans and partners. 


DN is always happy to share updates about DANCE NOW productions, the festival, or answer any other questions you may have about our community and our programming. 

Advise on your upcoming digital or live productions.

DN has learned a lot during the pandemic about how to produce recorded pieces of dance and host virtual events. We are happy to share those lessons, and our extensive knowledge from 25 years of producing work of all styles and sizes.


Help with anything else pertaining to the functioning, and thriving of you and your company.


We are not superhuman, but the DANCE NOW team has collectively gathered more than 50 years of expertise, and we want to support artists in any way that we can during these consulting hours. If there is something that DN, specifically, can not help with, we will do our best to connect you to the right person. 

Schedule open office hours with Robin Staff

Check back in the fall of 2021 for an opportunity to meet with Robin.

Schedule open office hours with Lauren Parrish

Lauren's specialty is production management, with 15 years of experience with all styles of dance and theater, creating new works, and planning national tours. But did you know that Lauren has experience creating and managing budgets of all sizes? Or that she was in charge of the website, newsletters, and social media at Fourth Arts Block for several years? Check back later in the fall of 2021 for an opportunity to meet with Lauren.

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