The next RAW series on April 9th, 2020 has been canceled. We look forward to sharing a new date with you soon. 


Discovering Your Next Artistic Crush

First presented as our Upclose series at DTW, from 2005-2010, and then at the Gibney Dance Center until 2017, Raw has been where DN artists got their first break, and began developing crucial relationships with other curators, choreographers, and producers to help sustain their careers in New York City and beyond.

Now in its 14th year, DANCE NOW Raw provides emerging artists with a platform to show new work in a casual and supportive setting. Our partnership with Joe's Pub at The Public enables us to use the pub stage during off hours to mimick the DANCE NOW Festival atmosphere.  Selected artists have the opportunity to show a short work, receive feedback from some of New York's most influential artists and curators, and network with the community.  Additionally, the artists may be selected to perform at The DANCE NOW Festival, and through our partnerships with DANCE NOW Boston and Arts on Site.


Artists new to us through our Raw discovery series have the potential to grow their craft and advance their careers through our Dance-mopolitan full or shared evening commissions, as well as our paid residency and teaching possibilities through DN Silo, SteelStacks and Boston, and ArtsOnSite. For 25 years, we have been dedicated to developing these type of comprehensive relationships with the artists we present, and assist in moving careers forward. Ian Berg of Subject: Matter entered our programming in 2017 via Raw, and was invited to perform in the 2017 Festival and Encore at Joe's Pub. In 2018, he performed at SteelStacks, the fall Festival and Encore, in DN Boston and taught in our DN Silo Master class series.

One third of the hundreds of artists presented in DANCE NOW mainstage productions got their start through Raw, a testament to the program's success in locating, cultivating, and promoting emerging talent. Some recent artists to graduate from Raw to mainstage programming include Brendan Drake, Mana Kawamura, Jamal Jackson, Khaleah London, Iain Rowe, Luke Murphy, Loni Landon, Marjani Forte, Yin Yue, SNIC,MadBOOTS and Sara du Jour, Tiny Trip and Nicole Vaughan-Diaz, among others.

DANCE NOW NYC is a 501c3 non-profit organization



Photos by Yi-Chun Wu