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Art, Culture and History Meet in Lehigh Valley 


In 2010, DANCE NOW entered a new partnership with ArtsQuest, a non-profit in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is a re-imagination of the country’s second largest industrial brown-field that is using the arts to rebuild and revitalize a post-industrial, urban community. Joining forces with this like-minded arts organization that shares DANCE NOW’s vision of defying the norm and seeking out the unconventional, DN SteelStacks™ is bringing some of New York City’s most exciting dance innovators to the new ArtsQuestCenter at SteelStacks.



2020 marked the 10th Anniversary Season of our DANCE NOW SteelStacks program, which has brought more than 250 plus New York City based choreographers, educators and companies into the Lehigh Valley to perform at the center, as well as teach and create new work for the students in the numerous local schools, colleges and universities through it’s sister DN Silo Master Class program.

DN SteelStacks has featured The Bang Group (NutCracked, ShowDown), TAKE Dance (Footsteps in the Snow, Somewhere Familiar Melodies), LMnO3 (B.A.N.G; made in america), Gregory Dolbashian, Nicholas Leichter (The WHIZ), The Good to Go Girls, Rock Dance Collective, Luke Murphy, HUMA, Passion Fruit Dance, Sara Hook, Paul Matteson, Christopher Morgan, Sidra Bell Dance, Subject: Matter Tap, Nicole Wolcott and Larry Keigwin, Claire Porter, Monica Bill Barnes, BAIRA, LajaMartin, and Megan Williams (One Woman Show), to name a few. 

Every Season at Kirkland Farm Provides its Own Magic.


As part of a trend of New York City artists and writers who moved to Bucks County and purchased large farms for escape, leisure, entertaining and gentleman farming, the farm was purchased in 1938 by the playwright, Jack Kirkland and soon became a gathering place for stars of the American Theater. 

Owned since 1999 by Robin and Marty Staff, Kirkland Farm continued its legacy as a rustic retreat and inspirational setting to be shared. Kirkland Farm has been enjoyed by guests that include a vast community of artists, friends and family who came to stay at the Main House and Guest House for celebrations and creative retreats.

Kirkland Farm is currently closed.

Mana Kawamura - XXX - XXX - Steven Schri
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