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“The Coziest, Coolest Way to Start the Fall Season” (Wendy Perron, 2014)  


Continuing our signature format of presenting generations of artists side-by-side, ranging from young innovators to maturing performers, the DANCE NOW Festival, exclusively at Joe’s Pub since 2011, has become a testing ground for new ideas. Always right after Labor Day, the DANCE NOW Festival has featured some of today’s most innovative dance makers in a showcase format, revealing the vast terrain of artistic voices – diverse, passionate and highly innovative - that make up the New York City dance community.

​The DANCE NOW Festival at Joe’s Pub offers an artistic challenge: asking festival participants to take the DN ‘less is more’ mantra to heart and create a five-minute choreographic gem specific to the intimacy and limitations of Joe’s Pub.  The artist and work that best meets the challenge to create a concise, clear and complete artistic statement in five minutes or less receives a $1,500 development fee and a free week-long residency at DANCENOW Silo on Kirkland Farm in Pennsylvania.

binbinFACTORY - Untitled 2 - 2010 - Stev