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Following a ‘better than ever’ successful return to live presentation after an almost four year hiatus, our mission for 2024 and beyond, is to serve as an incubator to support the development of new work on an annual basis. DANCENOW (DN) will provide the diverse roster of multi-generational artists, that we have served for twenty-seven plus years, with comprehensive resources to create new work, including a substantial commission fee, multi-performance opportunities at Joe’s Pub at The Public, mentorship, as well as peer and promotional support to assist in moving their careers forward. It is our goal to bring innovative and inspirational dance to the long-time dance fans that we have generated over the past two plus decades, and to the new and non-traditional dance audiences that frequent NYC’s hottest tiny stage.

DN strives to provide an open space where artists can share and hear a vast diversity of artistic voices and genres. As a community, DN brings artists together to foster new relationships and collaboration, offering artists a place where they can gather important feedback and support from their peers to better inform and direct their creative process. The extremely high quality of work presented when we returned to live presentation for the first time in four years, in the fall of 2023, confirmed the importance and value of reuniting the DN community. We were thrilled that our New York City DN community, many of whom were still scattered and had re-seeded across the country from North Carolina to Montana, California, Illinois, Colorado and across the globe (due to the pandemic) came together with such a highly focused energy - offering up a masterful, poignant and rich presentation at the pub in the fall of 2023.

Presenting a diversity of artistic voices and visions has been our mission since DN launched in 1996. We maintain a deep focus on our BIPOC artists, committed to the principal goal of a not-for-profit arts organization mirroring the great diversity of the dance community, with the goal of expanding the constituents we serve. As a community that has remained together for 27 years, including the two year plus pandemic, DN continues to seek out young and new voices to present side by side an artist base that spans generations, many of whom we have presented annually for over a decade or two, providing them with unique and challenging opportunities to explore and develop their craft and creative process. As we move into our 28th season of presentation, DN is steadfast in its commitment to support the development of new work and to continue to nurture, support, promote, challenge and grow the DN community into 2024 and beyond.

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