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“The Coziest, Coolest Way to Start the Fall Season” (Wendy Perron, 2014)  


Continuing our signature format of presenting generations of artists side-by-side, ranging from young innovators to maturing performers, the DANCE NOW Festival, exclusively at Joe’s Pub since 2011, has become a testing ground for new ideas. Always right after Labor Day, the DANCE NOW Festival has featured some of today’s most innovative dance makers in a showcase format, revealing the vast terrain of artistic voices – diverse, passionate and highly innovative - that make up the New York City dance community.

​The DANCE NOW Festival at Joe’s Pub offers an artistic challenge: asking festival participants to take the DN ‘less is more’ mantra to heart and create a five-minute choreographic gem specific to the intimacy and limitations of Joe’s Pub.  The artist and work that best meets the challenge to create a concise, clear and complete artistic statement in five minutes or less receives a $1,500 development fee and a free week-long residency at DANCENOW Silo on Kirkland Farm in Pennsylvania.

Discovering Your Next Artistic Crush

First presented as our Upclose series at DTW from 2005-2010, and then at the Gibney Dance Center until 2017, The Raw Series has been where DN artists got their first break. Now in its 15th year, Raw provides emerging artists with a platform to show new work and develop crucial relationships with other curators, choreographers, and producers to help sustain their careers in New York City and beyond.

​Our partnership with Joe's Pub at The Public enables us to use the pub stage during off hours to mimic the DANCE NOW Festival atmosphere.  Selected artists show a short work, receive feedback from some of New York's most influential artists and curators, and network with the community.  From there, the artists may be selected to perform at The DANCE NOW Festival, and through our partnerships with DANCE NOW Boston and Arts on Site.

Currently, DN Raw is on pause until 2022. Stay tuned for more updates!

Commissioned, Featured and Shared Artist Series


Our 17 year partnership with Joe’s Pub at The Public has encouraged hundreds of dance innovators to challenge their craft and explore new and unprecedented creative paths. Producing dance at Joe’s Pub has provided our artist base with the opportunity to pursue some of their most audacious artistic dreams.

Joe’s Pub has become an unparalleled resource for the development of new work. Despite the 9- by 11-foot stage, audiences can expect risk-taking and surprise, as well as extraordinary dancing and magical experiences. Our testing ground for new work, The Festival at Joe’s Pub, helps us to identify new work to be considered for future development in the Dance-mopolitan Commissioned and Shared Artist Series.

binbinFACTORY - Untitled 2 - 2010 - Stev
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