Testimonials from the Artists

“DANCE NOW has successfully facilitated a performance space dependent on camaraderie. It’s incredibly refreshing and important in remembering what a supportive environment can be...The spirit and ingenuity the show consistently produces every year serves as a reminder, to both community and audience; to keep supporting, keep creating, and keep showing up. DN is a testament to the healing powers of art and performance.” -- Nicole Vaughan-Diaz


"Always the best part of the year!"  -- Raja Feather Kelly



“The festival's high standards and the impressive artists involved have pushed my choreographic and performance practices and focus.” -- Orlando Hernandez


"Thank you for creating such a supportive and generative space for us artists." -- Kate Ladenheim/The People Movers


"DANCE NOW is both a lifeline - an essential part of being a contemporary dance company in New York looking to stay visible and viable - and a treat, the equivalent of a family party where you love all your relatives." -- Doug Elkins



"There is nothing else like it in the dance world." --Mark Dendy 


“DanceNow really helped me get my footing back when I did the RAW series in 2007. They have supported my work and helped give me access to other genres and movement languages.” -- Jamal Jackson


"It is humbling to consider myself part of this tremendous community. Brava!"  -- Jeff Kazin


"You had faith in me from the start." -- Aszure Barton 


"You are an amazing force for all of us working in New York City over the last decade! Thank you. I am moved by your ambitions. My life has been forever changed." -- Brian Brooks


"Your belief in my work encourages me to continue creating new projects." --Camille A. Brown

“DN is one of the most supportive bodies for mid-career artists in NYC and beyond!” -- Cleo Mack


"DANCE NOW is a lively event that celebrates New York City as a vibrant place to make new - and sometimes wild - dance work,  that in turn has a meaningful and respected place in the New York Dance Community."  -- ZviDance 


“It was a huge jumping off point and continues to be a place that makes space for new ideas." -- LajaMartin


"It fosters camaraderie among the artists both on stage and in supporting roles. A brilliant model!" -- Claire Porter / PORTABLES 


“Unique, beautifully organized, sexy, playful, completely well conceived and executed.” - Paula Josa Jones


“I love the multi-generational mission. Having artists of varying ages and abilities really adds to the overall experience of the evening.” -- Amber Sloan


“I am addicted!” - Mark Gindick


“DanceNow pretty much has the magic formula: 10 dances in 50 minutes. What's not to like!? Just wait 5 minute for something COMPLETELY different!” -- Gus Solomons jr


"Artistically, it is a place to take a risk, to try out a new idea, or to revisit an older work with newer eyes. It is a place to see familiar faces, to meet new ones, to share artistic ideas, and to inspire each other. It is a community." -- Erin Reck


"DANCE NOW has been a lifeline." -- Sara Hook  


"How was I to know that so many of the amazing people in the room that night would become friends, champions of my work and lifelong collaborators." Deborah Lohse / TruDee 


"DANCE NOW has been an integral part of my journey as a performer and dance maker in NYC" --Bryan Strimpel & Shaina Branfman/B.S. Movement 

"DANCE NOW is how I came of age in the dance community." -- Sydney Skybetter

"Not sure if I wanted to return to dance making, the DANCE NOW challenge was just that: an opportunity to get back in the studio with determination, focus, and a defined set of rules. I have since had a resurrection in my career."



"The Festival not only offered me a platform to present my work professionally to the public audience but also marked the beginning of my choreographic career." -- Yin Yue Dance Company 

DANCE NOW NYC is a 501c3 non-profit organization



Photos by Yi-Chun Wu