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Testimonials from the Artists

"DANCE NOW is how I came of age in the dance community." - Sydney Skybetter

"It was a huge jumping off point and continues to be a place that makes space for new ideas." -Laja Martin

"I am addicted!" - Mark Gindick

"Unique, beautifully organized, sexy, playful, completely well conceived and executed." - Paula Josa Jones

"You had faith in me from the start." - Aszure Barton

"Thank you for creating such a supportive and generative space for us artists." - Kate Ladenheim

"DANCE NOW has been an integral part of my journey as a performer and dance maker in NYC." - Bryan Strimpel & Shania Branfman

"Always the best part of the year." - Raja Feather Kelly

"DANCE NOW is a lively event that celebrates New York City as a vibrant place to make new - and sometimes wild - dance work, that in turn has a meaningful and respected place in New York Dance Community." - ZviDance


"There's nothing else like it in the dance world." - Mark Dendy

"It's humbling to consider myself part of this tremendous community. Brava!" - Jeff Krazin

"Your belief in my work encourages me to continue creating new projects." - Camille A. Brown

"The Festival not only offered me a platform to present my work professionally to the public audience but also marked the beginning of my choreographic career." - Yin Yue Dance Company

"DANCE NOW has been a lifeline." - Sara Hook

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