©2019 DANCE NOW NYC. Photos by Yi-Chun Wu.

The Festival at Joe's Pub

"This festival is a gem and I will forever be grateful for your support of my work, no matter how twisted it ends up being."   Jessy Smith



"As always it was a wonderful opening night!  I so enjoyed it and wish I could have seen the others. What a great community you at DANCE NOW have created! And what an honor and joy to be a part of it."                                       

Heidi Latsky



"Thanks for encouraging me to make a new dance. It’s always an honor and a pleasure to be part of DanceNow." 

Gus Solomons jr



"What an honor to participate with you all at DanceNow at Joe's Pub!!! What I saw was spectacular! And the support from you, Robin and your whole team was so on purpose, clear and generous. It was thrilling! I am so happy to be part of it all!!!     

Claire Porter



"Thank YOU for continuing to invite us to be a part of this magical gathering of such a diverse collection of art makers. It is a time of year that we look SO forward to every year, and it is our pleasure to be a part of the DanceNOW family!"                   Bryan Strimpel & Shaina Branfman

"Always the best part of the year!"                               

Raja Feather Kelly


"Thank you to the whole team that made DANCE NOW so vibrant!"  

Kora Radella



"Thank YOU all so much for creating such a supportive and generative space for us artists. We are honored to have been included in this year's festival."                                      

Kate Ladenheim & The People Movers



"Thank you Robin, Tamara, Ariane, Sydney, Lauren, Rachel, and Janet for all that you do! I love being a part of this festival. Congratulations on a successful run of shows!"      

Amber Sloan



"We had a ball!"                                                            

Jane Comfort & Company


"What a great weekend of dance and what a great way to kick-off the ’17-’18 season!! It was a pleasure to sit and watch each evening and humbling to consider myself part of this tremendous community.Brava!"                                 

Jeff Kazin



"Thank you for providing the space and support."     

Nicole Wolcott

The Community

"Just wanted to congratulate you on a smashing third entry in the musicals series. I’m proud to have been a part of all three and I don’t know another presenter/artistic director that could have commissioned this amazing trilogy besides you."

David Parker

"Your belief in my work encourages me to continue creating new projects."

Camille A. Brown

"You are an amazing force for all of us working in New York City over the last decade! Thank you. I am moved by your ambitions. My life has been forever changed. All my best to you and the Festival, I am honored to be a part of it."

Brian Brooks

20th Anniversary Artists (2015)

"Artistically, it was a place to take a risk, to try out a new idea, or to revisit an older work with newer eyes. It was a place to see familiar faces, to meet new ones, to share artistic ideas, and to inspire each other. It was a community."
Erin Reck (1998)



"You had faith in me from the start :-)"
Aszure Barton (1999)


"There is nothing else like it in the dance world."
Mark Dendy (1999)


"For me, DANCENOW has been a lifeline."
Sara Hook (1996)


"It fosters camaraderie among the artists both on stage and in supporting roles. A brilliant model!"
Claire Porter / PORTABLES (1996)


"We have loved performing in the festival these last—wow—18 years, from Cooper Union, to DTW, to the continually challenging and fun Joe’s Pub!"
Jane Comfort and Company (1999)


"DANCENOW is both a lifeline - an essential part of being a contemporary dance company in New York looking to stay visible and viable - and a treat, the equivalent of a family party where you love all your relatives."
Doug Elkins (1997)


"DANCENOW at Joe’s Pub has connected me to an amazing group of creative artists who inspire me to keep finding new ways of expressing myself."
RG Dance Projects / Rubén Graciani (2012)


"Our challenge starts from DANCENOW each year!
binbinFactory / Satoshi Haga & Rie Fukuzawa (1998)

"The connection and interaction with the audience is my favorite part of  DANCE NOW." 
Jordan Isadore (2011)


"My first danceNOW experience was a performance of my solo work Spiral in 2005 at what was then Dance Theater Workshop. I shared the program with Kyle Abraham and we have occasionally reminisced about that time. It was really quite wonderful."
Wanjiru Kamuyu (2005)


"DANCENOW has been an integral part of my journey as a performer and dance maker in NYC"
Bryan Strimpel & Shaina Branfman/B.S. Movement (2011)


"The first time we performed at Joe's Pub there was a very attractive man, we called him a silver fox, sitting in the front row eating a salad or something. After we got off we both turned to each other and immediately said, did you see that silver fox on the front row, with his salad fork mid air in shock?"
Chelsea&Magda (2011) 


"Thank you DANCE NOW for giving me space to create and share my work."
Li Chiao-Ping (1998)


"It was 2004 and I was about to graduate from NYU. I went to see DANCENOW hosted by Larry Keigwin + Company, and thank GOD I did. He had these girls in 80's leotards and leg warmers doing jazzercise to Bonnie Tyler and I thought to myself, there is a future for me in dance!"
Jessy Smith (2005)

"DANCENOW is a lively event that celebrates New York City as a vibrant place to make new - and sometimes wild - dance work,  that in turn has a meaningful and respected place in the New York Dance Community." 
ZviDance (1996)



"The warm, excited reception for my work has never wavered in 12 years of working with this organization. DANCENOW’s support that, allows artists to do the work they want to do through platforms for artists to both develop and show that work, is a unique hallmark of this presenter."
Christopher K. Morgan & Artists (2003)

"DANCE NOW introduced me to the New York City dance world and supported me year after year. I treasure the continuity of the relationship."
Paul Matteson (2000)

"I am forever grateful to DANCENOW for giving me the opportunity to stretch artistically – there is no greater gift."
Ellis Wood Dance (2000)


"A rare treasure for most working artists." 
Cleo Mack Dance Project (2001)


"Too many environments today limit artists by requiring them to stay in a specific category or check a box. The Festival is a beloved intimate space for JJDC to push boundaries and play with other artists."
Jamal Jackson Dance Company (1999)


"How was I to know that so many of the amazing people in the room that night would become friends, champions of my work and lifelong collaborators."
Deborah Lohse / TruDee (2004)

"It is always exciting to see who you are performing with as the line-up is always packed with amazing artists. Dancenow is at the heart of the NYC dance community."
Ali Kenner (1999)

"The Festival not only offered me a platform to present my work professionally to the public audience but also marked the beginning of my choreographic career."
Yin Yue Dance Company (2007)

"DANCENOW is how I came of age in the dance community. I can’t think of a single dance gig I’ve ever had that can’t be traced back to you producing The Real Nitty Gritty at the Pub. True story."
skybetter&associates (2008)


"Through our performances with DANCENOW I met choreographer and super star dancer Doug Elkins. I began to collaborate with him and perform in his company. I can now say DANCE NOW helped orchestrate my life long dreams in playing with some of the most amazing dancers in the world! Some, might even call me a dancer."
Mark Gindick (2002)

"There's SO much camaraderie in the DANCENOW community. Despite the competition built into the festival, it feels like the audience is cheering for the home team of downtown dance. I love that we've gotten to be a part of that!”
Cori Marquis + the Nines [IX] (2013)

"Not sure if I wanted to return to dance making, the DANCE NOW challenge was just that: an opportunity to get back in the studio with determination, focus, and a defined set of rules. I have since had a resurrection in my career."